EGO TRIPs - Issue Number 3 (Autumn, 2004)

Note that poems are indicated with an asterisk (*).

  • Fantasy Interview (Marian Eberle Athens)
  • Imagine (Marian Eberle Athens)
  • Walking at Dawn on a Country Lane* (Marian Eberle Athens)
  • Celebration (Marian Eberle Athens)
  • Limericks* (Marian Eberle Athens)
  • Lament on Prayer* (Craig Booher)
  • Down the Rabbit Hole (John B. Brooks)
  • The Four-Handed Author: A Duographic Tribute (Curtis L. Brown)
  • Swan Song in Memory of Peter Fabrizius* (Curtis L. Brown)
  • The Puddle - a Parable (Curtis L. Brown)
  • Minnow Tragedy (Curtis L. Brown)
  • Helpful Writing Tips from a Brown Study (Curtis L. Brown)
    1. How I Write
    2. How To Improve Your Word Count
    3. What You Can Do With Rejection Slips
  • Dolly Dove Learns to Dance (Don Derozier)
  • A Garden of Onions* (Don Derozier)
  • Duh!* (Don Derozier)
  • Orthopod* (Don Derozier)
  • The 1960's* (Don Derozier)
  • The Tea Party for Us* (Tillie Fields)
  • A Treasure Room for Sonia* (Tillie Fields)
  • Alfie (Earl Gates)
  • Interview with Murphy (Earl Gates)
  • Gray Hair and Silver Skates (Helen Patton Gray)
  • Marriage Is Not a Civil Right (Margaret Houk)
  • Martha (Tammy Kilheffer)
  • England* (Alfred T. Kisubi)
  • Two Cards in a Package* (Alfred T. Kisubi)
  • Edgabaston* (Alfred T. Kisubi)
  • Renewing My Bus Pass and Overcoat Button (Alfred T. Kisubi)
  • My Name Is Ted (Alfred T. Kisubi)
  • This Day Is a Blessing* (Ellen Kort)
  • Adjusting the Past (Vic LeClair)
  • Failing To See the Gravity of the Situation (Vic LeClair)
  • The Seventh Cottage (Vic LeClair)
  • Converse with Me* (Joyce Loeck)
  • A Field by County O* (Brian McCorkle)
  • Offworld* (Brian McCorkle)
  • Happy Hour* (Brian McCorkle)
  • With Friends Like These* (Brian McCorkle)
  • Halftime for Halfwits (Brian McCorkle)
  • Orange* (Patti Miler)
  • Spring* (Patti Miler)
  • Martin Luther King* (Patti Miler)
  • My Walden Pond (Marj Moeller)
  • Saving the Pagan Babies (Michael O'Brien)
  • I Don't Do Lawns (Robert O'Halloran)
  • The Love in Anna's Eyes* (Randal Files)
  • What About Me?* (Randal Files)
  • Driving Everyone Bananas (Susan Ritchie)
  • Sunflower Daze (Carol Theilman)
  • Just Trees* (Judy Verhoven)
  • He Remembers (Joan Yohr)
  • If God (Joan Yohr)
  • Writer's Psalm (Joan Yohr)

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