Curtis L. Brown

Born in Vienna, Austria, Curtis L. Brown became a U.S. citizen in 1953 and prefers English to other adopted languages. He is listed in Knaur's Handbook of Exiled Austrian Authors of Jewish Descent (2002 Vienna).

Since 1987 when he retired as a college professor (Lawrence University, Appleton, WI), Curtis has been a member of the Fox Valley Writers' Club.

He has edited and published several scientific books, such as the Thesaurus of Pulp & Paper Terms (1992 Atlanta), technical journals and databases, such as PAPERCHEM , and founded many nontechnical bulletins, newsletters, and house organs, such as The Asterisk , before turning to fiction. Besides episodic novels in unusual forms, such as Heartbeat in 3/4 Time , and silver-pen letters in newspapers, Curtis writes collections of short stories, poems, and novellas, such as Wisconsin Wit, Wisdom, and Whimsy ( and Dogwalking and the Art of Maintaining Your Zenity . In the past he also wrote a humor column (Curmudgeon) for The Scene magazine.

His stories, poems, and polemics have appeared in over a dozen periodicals. Many of them won literary awards.

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