Vic LeClair

I am happiest when I can simply sit in front of my laptop and write stories. I use what I call the R.I.P. process. That is: Research, Imagination, and Patience. Whether it is historical or contemporary, I love to do the research. Using your imagination means that there are very few areas you cannot explore or exploit. Finally, patience will be needed along the way. You may want to hurry your project along but things happen and storylines change. Go with it and stick with it.

I've written a couple of dozen short stories and three novels. Nick Faber's Touch and The Nipishkoo are two parts of a trilogy. I might even finish the final part sometime. Vesuvius is an historical/adventure set in the present but telling of what took place in 78-79 AD in order to complete the story. Reviews have been good and I continue to sell the book. The Kindle version actually sells better than the paper version.

Next up is a 350-page contemporary thriller tentatively called The Five . When employers of a small Midwest county are assaulted, each losing one of their five senses, a lieutenant learns that life is not as it seems. Jason Barthus uncovers a society of community leaders called "The Five" and there would be no peace in Green County until he unearths who and why the methodical attacks occurred.

At this writing the novel is being edited and then the fun of publishing begins.

updated: 02/03/15