Member Profiles:

It is with great pleasure that we present brief bio's of our members. Unless otherwise designated, links are to areas on this website providing more extensive information on the member.

Marian Eberle Athens is a writer of memoir type short stories, humorous anecdotes about the past, poetry, limericks, essays and interviews. Her book, Early Morning Musings , was printed in 2002 and she's presently putting together material for a second book.

Curtis L. Brown , formerly an academic editor, has written humorous, historic, and hysteric columns, essays, poems, episodic nonfiction, novellas, and reviews for numerous publications. His poems and polemics have appeared in over a dozen periodicals. Several of his short stories won literary awards.

Dr. Alfred T. Kisubi currently a distinguished professor of education and human services at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is the international editor of the journal Human Services Today and serves on the Editorial Board, Free Inquiry, a journal of the International Council of Secular Humanism. His poems and short stories and essays have appeared in several journals, periodicals, anthologies and a number of collections. Some of his poetry won literary awards.

Vic LeClair , from Kimberly, has been a member of the Fox Valley Writers since at least 1994. He is a member of the Wisconsin Regional Writers' Association as well.

Brian McCorkle writes essays, short stories and poems.

Mary Murray found herself in writing positions throughout her 30-year history in bank marketing and administrative assistance. Where there was a newsletter to be produced, ad copy to write, or an article for an industry magazine, Mary's name came up time and time again. Now in retirement, she pursues creative writing as one of her many hobbies.

Judy Verhoven , a member since 2004, writes short stories, poetry and continues to build her memoir with personal stories. Enjoying writing since English classes in high school, she pursues workshops on creative writing as they become available. The constructive critique and support of club members are great motivators.

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