Published annually, Ego Trips is a collection of selected writings by members of the club. Why the name?

We posit that life as a whole is nothing but an ego trip. Our ego. Nobody else can travel through life for us. Writing is part of that individual journey. Most journeys are painful, at least part of the time. Writing may ease the pain for some who feel they have been gifted to express it. Those who prefer to suffer in silence ought to be grateful to us - for speaking up in their behalf, for taking that load off their shoulders, and for giving them time to do something more enjoyable.

All contributions are voluntary and unpaid. Their copyright remains with individual authors.

The Tables of Contents for all issues are listed below.

Issue Number 8 (Autumn, 2009)

Issue Number 7 (Autumn, 2008)

Issue Number 6 (Autumn, 2007)

Issue Number 5 (Autumn, 2006)

Issue Number 4 (Autumn, 2005)

Issue Number 3 (Autumn, 2004)

Issue Number 2 (Autumn, 2003)

Issue Number 1 (Autumn, 2002)

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